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US student protests confuse White House, delay assault on Rafah

by Dina Abdel Fattah
Dina Abdel Fattah

Has Israel lost sympathy of international public opinion?

The answer is unequivocally “yes.” This is the least of the expenses that Israel will bear as a result of its cruel war against the innocent people of Gaza. Netanyahu, the “extremely stupid criminal,” was successful in distorting the image, ideas and beliefs that cost a country enormous amount of money in order to establish themselves as a nation that can seize control of the whole world.

The current international order, led by the US and its allies, was severely harmed by Netanyahu’s craziness. His insane violence has not only severely harmed his people, but has also shaken the trust of people all over the world in every facet of the world order, which was portrayed as a just structure that upholds the unquestioned ideals of mankind.

The aggression, that is fully supported by the US and its allies, stripped all regimes, overturned international beliefs, laws and principles, and created a state of global popular rejection.

This rejection is currently flaring in the stronghold of international Zionism, the incubator of Netanyahu’s brutal crimes.

Generation “Z” reshaping the future

The huge rallies on the campuses of over 60 US institutions opposing Israel’s onslaught on Gaza call for an immediate cease-fire and a boycott of all Israeli enterprises. The move declares that we are entering a new era that will not be governed by the current political systems. Rather, it would be led by Generation “Z,” which is technology-friendly, more linked to digital transactions, more outspoken in political viewpoints, and capable of expressing thoughts without fear or reluctance.

Netanyahu was successful in awakening the tremendous potential of young people who own communication skills of the social media that cannot be regulated by security or administrative processes.

The Zionist mad guy sparked a generation that is unfamiliar with buzzwords and does not read international treaties. It only understands what it sees in real life. Not biased to Zionist interests.

A generation that promotes true equality. Does not believe in racism. Not interested in colonial schemes that protect the colonial powers’ rights to deplete the riches of others even after they have been ejected from their lands.

What is happening at US universities right now is beyond the control of any authority. All attempts have failed to persuade students to reverse their opinions that condemn the “madness of Zionism” in its brutal onslaught against Gaza.

The issue has escalated into a pressure factor that university procedures and security legislation have failed to contain. The protestors are utilising the tolerance of US rules, that do not forbid rallies, to escalate their calls for an end to the war in Gaza.

I believe that this pressure is what slowed the Zionist attack on Rafah. It is not, as the US and its allies allege, that they are attempting to persuade Israel not to start this attack due to concerns about the dangers to the Palestinian population living in this tiny region in the deep south of the Gaza Strip.

US student voters

The demonstrations are a serious problem since the US authorities understand the importance of students as voters. The level of pressure on US authorities is extraordinary, especially given that protests have continued for the past seven months.

All US political powers understand that the coming phase will be impacted by these student protests which will cast a shadow on the 2024 presidential elections.

The threat of campus demonstrations does not end there, since student pressure campaigns prompted colleges to boycott Israeli corporations who support the war against Gaza and cease doing business with them. These protests also delivered verdicts that undermined many of the constants that were believed to be unbreakable. These students also overburdened Zionist institutions and entities through boycotts.

The students maintained their opinions, condemning human rights violations and labeling the Gaza conflict as ethnic cleansing and genocide. This highlights the conventional media failure to shape public opinion. US satellite TV stations and large newspapers had no impact on the students’ stances. Zionists invested billions of dollars to fund such traditional media institutions, leaving the stage for Generation “Z” to grasp social media, on which they used to post demonstrations that accurately depicted the conflict in Gaza.

Furthermore, Generation “Z”, who depends on social media platforms in following up the aggression on Gaza, was successful in avoiding biased social media platforms. They were also effective in developing strategies to bypass social media platform algorithms that were exploited to distort the facts, which resulted in financial losses to biased platforms.

Mistrust between old, younger generations

In general, the massive rejection resulting from student demonstrations produced uncertainty in all US institutions and the American society at large. Many campaigners and human rights advocates are concerned that the environment of mistrust between old and younger generations will have an impact on many of the files that the United States has worked to consolidate and acknowledge.

The uncertainty did not end at the internal level. It prompted fears among Zionist leaders about the United States’ future policies. This was obvious in Netanyahu’s insistence that US decision-makers fight the growth of anti-Semitism in American institutions, similar to the trend seen in German universities in 1930, which primarily targeted anti-Semitism, warning that this trend targets the destruction of Israel and the world at large.

Not anti-Semitists

Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the oldest members of the Senate from Vermont, responded to Netanyahu’s requests, stating that the demonstrations are not anti-Semitic. They are rather against atrocities and immoral activities carried out by Netanyahu’s hardline administration. He asked Netanyahu not to disrespect the American collective consciousness by using anti-Semitism claims to distract public opinion in the United States from the breaches committed by the Israeli government, or to divert attention from the trials before Israeli courts that await Netanyahu as a result of his crimes.

Despite the numerous humanitarian disasters it has wrought, the Zionist attack against Gaza will be the primary factor in molding worldwide collective consciousness towards all political and economic regimes. It will mark the start of modifying the rules of the game.

I describe it as the beginning of the downfall of the existing global order, which was defined by the outcomes of World War II.

Netanyahu ends US sole power era

Netanyahu represents the beginning of the end of the United States as the sole superpower governing the world.

The Palestinian cause has been nourished by the blood of Gazans. Some advocates of the issue come from inside the most prominent Zionist governments. The instruments and tactics for directing global public opinion are no longer in the hands of dominant governments or conventional media, but have shifted to the popular will and new generations, most notably Generation “Z”. As a result, we must recalculate all future files and scenarios.


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