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Egypt’s food exports reach 210K tons in 1 week

by Nada Ali

Egypt’s food exports reached 210,000 tons in the week ended on April 26, compared to a week earlier, the Cabinet announced on Sunday citing data from National Food Safety Authority (NFSA).

The exported products boasted a remarkable variety. Over 550 types of fresh fruits and vegetables were included, alongside various processed food items, as per the statement.

Potatoes topped the list of exported vegetables last week with 30,000 tons, followed by fresh onion of 11,000 tons, and beans secured the third spot with 5,000 tons.

In total, 60 different types of vegetables were exported, reaching a combined weight of approximately 60,000 tons.

Citrus fruits reigned supreme among exported fruits last week, with a shipment volume of 50,000 tons. Strawberries secured the second spot with 12,000 tons, followed by a variety of other fruits totaling 3,000 tons.

The total number of exported fruit types reached 46, with a combined weight of approximately 65,000 tons.

Egypt’s food exports enjoy a global reach, reaching a total of 175 countries last week. Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the Netherlands, and Russia were the top destinations for these shipments.

While exports flourished, Egypt also witnessed a robust import scene last week. A total of 1,950 shipments weighing approximately 484,000 tons were imported from 87 countries.

These imports included 160 varieties of wheat, soybeans, and various oils. Russia stood as the leading exporter to Egypt, followed by Ukraine, Brazil, the United States, and India.

Alexandria Port maintained its leading role in terms of incoming shipments, receiving 555. Cairo Airport Port and Damietta Port secured the second and third positions with 330 and 300 shipments, respectively.

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