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Egypt’s gold prices slightly down on Sunday

by Nada Ali

Egypt’s gold prices dropped on Sunday at 12:00 pm compared to April 24th, with the average price across all carats falling by 1.12 per cent, according to an electronic gold price platform.

Metal April 28th (EGP) April 24th (EGP) Change %
24 Carat 3,542.75 3,582.75 -1.12
21 Carat 3,100.00 3,135.00 -1.12
18 Carat 2,657.25 2,687.25 -1.12
14 Carat 2,066.75 2,090.00 -1.11
Gold Pound 24,800.00 25,080.00 -1.12


The Egyptian markets were closed on Thursday, April 27th, due to celebrations of Sinai Liberation Day.

It’s important to note that gold prices may fluctuate throughout the day. This information reflects pricing data as of a specific time.

(1 United States dollar = 47.86 Egyptian pounds)

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